Imagine, if you will, a world without The Bugle. Pointless, empty and devoid of hope. A world in which fathers cannot bear to even look at their sons, so despondent are they about The Bugle not existing. A world where mothers and daughters weep silently over their breakfast baguettes, or whatever they eat these days, unable to give voice to their feelings in a Bugle-less universe. A world where despots roam free, giggling, unlampooned by two British men in windowless studios in New York and London; a world where Belgians eat waffles, but without joy; where Florence Nightingale is just some dead nurse who used to work the Crimea circuit.

The world without The Bugle would probably be nothing like that. It would almost certainly be exactly as it is now, but without The Bugle. Or, perhaps, it would be like it is when The Bugle takes a week off, but over and over and over again until Armageddon comes to the rescue.

But ? and it is a big, round but ? can you take that risk? Or do you want The Bugle to continue dropping into the inbox of your soul on a weekly basis?

If you do, then this is your chance to help #savethebugle. Before now, all the costs relating to producing and publishing the podcast were generously covered by Times Online. A large thank you to them. Now the show will be funded by your support. Have you enjoyed all those free podcasts? Those 120 hours of premium-quality satirical hogwash that you have received free? If so, read on. If not, youíre on the wrong page.

Your support will help keep The Bugle going in its post-Times era. Your support could help save the entire planet. Sorry, podcast. Not planet. It could help save the podcast. Your support to The Bugle could be your single greatest contribution to the sum of humanity. Although, if it is, you probably need to take a long, hard bath with yourself and resolve to make some changes in your life.

To be honest, we are still not entirely sure what the long-term future holds, but we are confident and determined that it will hold The Bugle. So pay whatever you see fit ? say $1000 per laugh that The Bugle has given you over the last glorious four-and-a-quarter years, or however long you have been listening to it. You could give less, of course. Not everyone can afford $2000.

Even if you give less than that, however generous and/or tight-fisted your donation, you will still win the ultimate prizes available to all supporting Buglers: (a) the eternal gratitude of non-tackling luxury midfielder and former British subject John Oliver, and of Andy Zaltzman, who is willing to track back and stick a foot in, and has never abandoned his country in its time of crisis; and (b) The Bugle. Still.



Kind regards.

John Oliver & Andy Zaltzman

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